JPL Tour

A bus tour to JPL will be on March 29, 2018, between 9:30 am and 12:00 pm. A pick-up location will near Caltech Campus, at the corner of Del Mar Blvd. & Wilson Ave. in Pasadena (see a map below) at 9:00 am. A drop-off will be at the same place. As an option, we may be able to arrange drop-offs by the hotels in the Pasadena central area and at Colorado Ave., north of Caltech.

Please, do not attempt to arrive for the tour to JPL using your own transportation. Even though there is a visitors' parking lot at JPL, there will be an additional challenge for us to assemble the group properly in order to go through the security check. However, if you choose to depart to the airport right after the tour (without going back to Pasadena) you may arrange your own pick up using taxi (or Uber, Lyft) services and wait outside of the JPL entrance. Your luggage can be left on a bus for the duration of the tour.

The tour will be guided by the JPL Public Services Office. During the tour, you will be able to visit some JPL facilities and museums and learn about JPL history and missions. You can take pictures during the tour. There will be no visit to THz or other labs where activities are on-going.