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ISSTT 2022 Abstract Submission

Please scroll up after submission to see the confirmation message


Name your manuscript file in the following format: AbstractID_ISSTT22_LastName.pdf

(e.g. REG-36_ISTT2022_Smith.pdf)

Regular Proceedings Submission -  OPEN (Deadline extended: April 28, 2023)

This is the standard proceedings submission for the ISSTT 2022 conference for all delegates and students. Submission must be done in .pdf format using the template below.


Maximum number of pages is 6 (with a 2 page minimum) 

Note: If you are submitting a manuscript for consideration for the ISSTT 2022 Special Issue on the IEEE Terahertz Science and Technology Transactions, please upload a 2-page max manuscript for the ISSTT 2022 proceedings before submitting your papers to IEEE TST. Papers will not be considered for review for the Special Issue if the 2-pages manuscript has not been previously submitted.

The proceedings of the ISSTT 2022 will be uploaded to the online library at the NRAO.

Click here to download proceedings template

Manuscript Submissions for ISSTT 2022 Special Issue on IEEE Terahertz Science & Technology

OPEN (Deadline extended: April 28, 2023)

Every year we work with the T-TST to publish a special issue containing papers that were presented at the ISSTT.  This year the deadline for submitting papers to T-TST is April 28, 2023 (THIS DEADLINE WILL NOT BE EXTENDED FURTHER DUE TO THE HARD DEADLINE FOR THE SPECIAL ISSUE PUBLICATION)Please note that the paper will be peer-reviewed just like a regular submission to the T-TST.

Please use IEEE guide to prepare your manuscripts ( This is available on the IEEE Author Center. Once ready for submission follow the normal procedure. However, when it come to Step 1 please select “Special Issue Paper”.

Follow the remaining steps as you will for a regular submission. If you like you can further indicate that this is for the ISSTT special issue in the comments sections (Step 6).

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions,


Jose Siles (Guest Editor-ISSTT2023 Special Issue)

Imran Mehdi (Guest Editor-ISSTT2023 Special Issue)

Nuria Llombart (Editor in Chief)

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