Click here to download the ISSTT2018 Proceedings paper template

Click here to download a list of papers presented at the ISSTT2018

Only papers describing work presented at the ISSTT2018 will be accepted. Your paper should include:

  • A short abstract summarizing the work;

  • An introduction describing the background and motivation for the work;

  • A summary of the work carried out (e.g. experimental methods, theoretical technique, technical approach);

  • A description of preliminary results and/or the results or technical progress reported at the Symposium;

  • A discussion of future extensions of the work or anticipated conclusions to be drawn from the work.


Download a template using a link above and follow the instructions therein. Fill out the below form and upload your paper file in .docx format. You need to indicate your presentation number from the program. A list of Symposium papers with presentation numbers can be download from the above link.