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Travelling to Baeza


General Overview

The city of Baeza is located ~300 km south of Madrid, in the beautiful region of Andalusia in Spain. The fastest way to arrive is flying to Madrid-Barajas Airport and take the conference shuttle bus. Connections from Madrid Airport to Granada Airport are also possible but the travel time will be longer due to airport connection times.

Direct buses to/from Madrid Barajas Airport to Baeza will be provided at no cost  (~3 hrs).

For those delegates wishing to spend some more time in the country and maybe enjoy Andalusia's beatiful cities (Seville, Granada, Cordoba, etc.) we recommend renting a car. Baeza is ~3.5 hours drive from Madrid Airport, ~2.5 hours drive from Seville Airport and ~1.5  hour drive from Granada Airport.

There are also five direct trains daily from/to Madrid-Atocha central station to/from Linares-Baeza station. Shuttles from Linares-Baeza train station to the conference venue will be provided every day (25 mins drive)

For VISA information please click the following link: 

If you need a conference invitation letter to process your visa please contact us by e-mail at 

Please note that we will be able to extend invitation letters to attendees that have been registered for the conference OR that have an accepted abstract for presentation at the conference.

Taking the conference bus shuttle from Madrid - Barajas Airport

A conference shuttle bus from Madrid Airport to Baeza will be available to all participants at no extra cost. The departure times will be optimized taking into account delegates arrival time.


We are planning to offer one departure on Saturday (morning and evening) and two departures on Sunday afternoon (to arrive on time for the welcome reception.


For the return trip, the plan is to offer a shuttle back to Madrid on Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday morning. We might add additional shuttles to accommodate all attendees.

Please refer to the map on the right for instruction of where to pick up the shuttle at Madrid airport Terminal 4. Shuttle registration link will be provided at a later date.


For those attendees who wish to arrange their own transportation from Madrid to Baeza, please see some travel options below either by train, bus or rental car.

Traveling from Madrid Aiport to Baeza by Train

Madrid main train station is called "Estación de Atocha"and is easily accessible from Madrid Barajas Airport by both metro and suburban rail ("Cercanias train").

Follow the sings to the Renfe railway station if you decide to transfer to the trains station by suburban rail and take the "Cercanias"Line 1 from Madrid Airport Terminal 4 (T4) to Madrid Atocha train station. If you arrive at Terminal 1, 2 or 3, you will need to transfer to Terminal 4 first, using the inter-terminal shuttle service. Please make sure to buy a ticket at the kiosk before boarding the train.

Follow the signs to the Metro station if you decide to transfer by subway to Madrid Atocha train station. You can take the Metro Line 8 either in Terminal 4 or in Terminals 1, 2, 3 (see map on the right). From last stop of line 8 (pink line) "Nuevos Ministerios", you will need to transfer to line 10  dark blue) towards "Cuatro Caminos" station (1 stop). From "Cuatro Caminos"take line 1 (light blue) for 10 stops to "Atocha Renfe" station (Madrid main train station). Please make sure you do not exit in the Atocha stop, which is right before the. The metro ticket is only around 2.6 EUR (one way). You will find kiosks at the metro stations.

Click on the thumbnails on the right for detailed maps of both the Madrid Metro network and the suburban rail network.


Click thumbnail to see the suburban rail map:


Click thumbnail to see the Madrid metro map:


There are approximately 5 trains a day from Madrid Atocha train Station to Linares-Baeza train Station. Please buy your tickets online in advance at the official Renfe website. Prices range from 30 to 50 Eur roundtrip. The Linares-Baeza train station is ~20 mins drive from the city. There will be a conference shuttle service to take you from the station to your hotel, and taxis are also available. 

Schedule from Madrid Atocha to Linares-Baeza (subject to change):

Departure           Arrival           Remarks

08:19                   11:19             Daily

08:36                   12:12             Monday to Friday

09:29                   12:46             Saturday and Sunday

15:59                   19:12             Monday to Friday

17:34                   20:44             Sunday to Friday

19:32                   22:21             Daily


Traveling from Madrid Aiport to Baeza by Bus (NOT AVAILABLE FOR OCTOBER)

If you prefer to travel from Madrid to Baeza by bus, you will need to transfer from the airport to Madrid Mendez Alvaro bus station ("Estacion Sur". Follow the same general directions given in the previous section to get either to the suburban train station ("Cercanias") located at Terminal 4, or the Metro Station located in Terminal 4 or Terminals 1, 2, 3. If you use the suburban rail, take line C-1 to Mendez Alvaro. If you decide to travel by Metro, take line 8 (pink line) to  "Nuevos Ministerios"and transfer to line 6 (gray line) towards "Mendez Alvaro" bus station. See map below. The cost is around 35-40 Eur roundtrip and the Baeza bus station is within walking distance of the city center and hotels. Please book your bus tickets in advance at the official Samar website.

Bus Schedule from Madrid Mendez Alvaro to Baeza

Departure           Arrival           Remarks

09:00                   13:15             Daily

15:30                   17:50             Daily

Bus Schedule from Baeza to Madrid Mendez Alvaro

Departure           Arrival           Remarks

09:00                   13:15             Daily

15:30                   17:50             Daily


Traveling from Madrid Aiport to Baeza by Car

Renting a car at the airport might be the best option if you want to visit other cities in Andalusia. Parking is available at most of the hotels in Baeza and it is a pleasant 3h15m drive from the airport to Baeza.

From the airport:


- Take M-14 highway for 1.3 km, then merge onto M-40 towards A-4 highway.

- After 12.5 km, take exit 21B for A-4 towards Cordoba.

- Continue on A-4 for ~300km and then take A-44 toward Jaen/Granada/Malaga.


- After ~5km, take exit A-32 toward Bailen/Linares/Albacete/Ubeda.

- At the roundabout, take exit 3 for A-32 toward Linares/Albacete.


- After 15.7 km, tale exit 15 toward Ibros/Baeza.

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