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ACST GmbH - Platinum Sponsor of the ISSTT 2021 Conference

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Confirmed ISTT 2021 Sponsors

ACST GmbH - Platinum Sponsor of the ISSTT 2021 Conference

ACST GmbH provides Schottky technology based discrete components/ICs, modules and systems for THz generation/detection, THz spectroscopy and mm-wave imaging.  Our high performance products serve the demand in scientific research, laboratory instrumentation, industry, security and space.

For more information visit our website (www.acst.de) or talk to us during the conference.




Thomas Keating Limited. Drawing on a long history of tool-making, we design and develop quasi-optical Terahertz systems and subsystems. We have growing activity in High Field Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy and remote sensing instrumentation, including space-borne projects. These newer areas complement our more established applications including Plasma Fusion diagnostics and material characterisation. Our space-borne work has included optical components for the AMSU-B water vapour radiometers and their derivative projects, subsystems for JAXA's BrO monitoring limb-sounder, JEM SMILES, the High Frequency Instrument (HFI) feeds for the Planck Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) mission launched in May 2009, and the multiplexer on the 94 GHz pulsed cloud radar on EarthCARE.
Currently we are providing the Quasi-Optical front end of EUMETSAT's MetOP-SG MicroWave Sounder, MWS. MWS measures oxygen and water vapour rotation emission lines upwelling from the atmosphere to determine both the temperature and water content of the atmosphere. TK is also building the microwave-reference-temperature-defining On Board Calbration Target (OBCT) for MWS and both ground and flight targets for the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) - being built in Spain by AIRBUS (formerly CASA) and due to fly on the second MetOP-SG satellite.

For more information visit our website (www.terahertz.co.uk) or talk to us during the conference.




Rohde & Schwarz is an international group of companies which produces and sells a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry and government customers with a focus on solutions that contribute to a safer and connected world. The company was founded more than 85 years ago in Munich, Germany, and nowadays it counts on an extensive sales and service network in more than 70 countries. R&S is a market-leading supplier in the mobile and wireless communications sector, offering a comprehensive portfolio of T&M instruments and systems for the development, production and acceptance testing of components and consumer devices as well as for setting up and monitoring mobile networks.  It supports all established wireless standards and makes a decisive contribution to the introduction of 5G, connected car applications (V2X), machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the internet of things (IoT). 


Rohde & Schwarz high-end T&M instruments also meets the high requirements of the aerospace and defense industry (A&D) for use in radar and satellite technology, avionics, navigation and military communications. R&S T&M equipment for industrial electronics, research and education focuses on fundamental technologies and components at the start of the value chain. In cooperation with universities and research institutes, future solutions such as 6G, terahertz applications and quantum technologies are tested and transferred to test and measurement. The portfolio ranges from basic testers for training purposes to RF test instruments for R&D labs and production facilities, millimeter-wave technology for research, and completely equipped test chambers for EMC measurements.

Rohde & Schwarz supports customers by offering comprehensive services throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. A global service network with local contacts ensures short response times. The service portfolio includes standardized products, such as calibration and repair services, and individual service concepts tailored to customer requirements. 

For more information visit our website (www.rohde-schwarz.com) or talk to us during the conference.



Radiometer Physics (RPG) was founded as a limited company (GmbH) in 1991 in Meckenheim, based on the original company Radiometer Physics Peter Zimmermann founded while working at JPL/USA in the Seventies. Since then, it has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave components and microwave systems for radiometers and other measurement applications. Products of RPG cover the full microwave frequency range starting from 5 GHz up to more than 1.9 THz. High quality products, flexible designs and more than 30 years of experience and innovation are key features leading to the company’s success. RPG senior scientists with international reputation and research background offer unique expertise not only on component level development but also on radiometric data retrievals and remote sensing applications, linking the scientific requirements of the researcher’s community with state of the art microwave component technology development. 
Space projects are supported by the vast experience and large number of in field operation hours of ground based radiometers and R&S OEM products. Methods of quality assurance management and verification testing validated in the frame of space projects are used to enhance radiometer and R&S OEM product reliability and quality levels. Hence, a strong contact between ground-based applications and space applications and their respective key personnel is one of the RPG specificities.

For more information visit our website (www.radiometer-physics.de) or talk to us during the conference.




The Tourism Office of Spain (TourSpain) is the General Administration of the State for the promotion abroad of Spain as a tourist destination. It works in the planning, development, and execution of actions to promote Spain as a tourist destination in international markets. The Tourism Office of Spain in Los Angeles participates in the organization of this conference to promote UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain, like Baeza, as tourism destinations as well as host cities for international scientific conferences.



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